PHP Bulk Mailer

Php Bulk Mailer

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PHP Bulk Mail Sender

Rebout PHP Bulk Mailer Script

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PHP-MYSQL database driven Bulk Mailer Script

Best Mass Email Marketing - PHP Bulk Mailer by Rebout

If you're looking for a small, pretty fast, easy to use, simple and reliable bulk mail sender script written in PHP then this script could be what you're looking for.Rebout Mass Mailer sends a large amount of emails ( you can set up the sending speed from config ->to aprox. 60 emails/min).Rebout Bulk Mailer is a fast php script,customizable & straightforward to make use of. It is of the most powerful & facile device of our bulk email promotion application industry. With its high efficiency & advanced features you can acquire best results & beat your adversaries.Rebout PHP Bulk Mailer is a stand-alone bulk mailer program, a web based mass email script and all you need to begin emailing is a hosting server and a connection to the Internet.The email newsletter software is a software that manages a mailing list and sends mass newsletter emailings. That's why a newsletter software is also called bulk emailing software. An email newsletter software is used to communicate with your customers and friends by creating and sending personalized bulk emails to the contacts in a mailing list database.

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Rebout PHP Bulk Mailer Additional Info:

This script meet any basic *NIX server requirements:

Why a PHP Bulk Mailer? Effective Mass Mailer

Rebout PHP Bulk Mailer

PHP Bulk Mailer RequirementsMySQL(3.x or 4.0.x)

PHP Bulk Mailer RequirementsAny web server with PHP support

PHP Bulk Mailer RequirementsNOT for WINDOWS OS

PHP Bulk Mailer RequirementsVPS or DEDICATED hosting recommended

PHP Bulk Mailer RequirementsNOT recommended for SPAMMING

PHP Bulk Mailer by Rebout - Server Requirements

For using Rebout PHP Bulk Mail Sender Script, you will need a fast and powerful PHP web server - VPS,VDS or DEDICATED hosting recommended.This php script can send out an average of 3000 emails per hour, and that mean you can send ~75.000 emails per day

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